Themes – Hollywood Decor


When the Lumiere brothers projected their first silent films in a small Paris Caf?, nobody could have known that this marked the beginning of an industry that was to bring magic and glamour into the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

As guests make their way into the venue, all VIP guests will walk the red carpet incased with stanchions and velvet ropes that will line the sidewalk. A custom clapboard sign will stand on an easel outside the door reading the name of the event. Available are these 2 dimensional Oscar type statues here or 3 dimensional Oscar type statues not displayed here. Please call for more information.

The red carpet red rope and stanchions will continue inside leading from the doorway.

In the Foyer (reception Area)
As guests come down the stairs a customized oversized clapboard will welcome them to the event.

In the foyer we will have 2-3 Cruiser tables will be set up throughout the space. In the centre of the cruiser table will sit a glass bud vase filled with red roses. The vase would be surrounded by three votives radiating candlelight.

Standing Guard at either side of the doorway into the room will be our 9′ Oscar statues.

Behind the statues (over the doorway) we will use black velvet draping died back with gold tassels.

Inside the Ballroom
Stage Decor

On one of the walls will stand our 12′ X 12′ “Hollywood” backdrop, accented with palm trees on either side. This vignette will also be the perfect backdrop for guests to have their picture taken.

Around the Room

At all vignettes, there will be director’s chairs, megaphone and custom clapboard standing on an easel. A movie light can be brought in as a prop to complete the scene.

* you can chose 4 of your favourite movie posters for these vignettes

Also grouping of light columns lit gold and white. These are placed in clusters of 3 and are accented with oversized stars, clapboards or megaphones.

7′ tall film frames can hold gold stars with photos of family and friends.

Creating your own walk of Fame!

4 Large Film Frames

1 Lights Camera Action

On the Bars
A stunning floral centrepiece will stand in a large glass vase the colour scheme being black, red and white. Surrounding each will be a variety of film props including, film cans, film reels, and spiraling film, clap board and megaphone.

Table Linens
Black floor length with tiny gold dots

Black spandex chair covers with a gold band or gold sash or Black velvet chair covers.

Centre Pieces
A square vase filled with 35mm film. Wrapped around the vase is film.

Coming from within the vase an arrangement of tropical greens, red ginger, red roses and accents of films reels, film and even an Oscar statue.

Buffet Decor (or this can be on registration table)

The buffet will have a large flower arrangement (which compliments what is on the tables) and be accented with film cans, film reels, movie posters, megaphones, clapboards, shipping cases.

We will accent the displays with gold fabrics.